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Applying Limits


In addition to including multiple terms, you can refine your search by applying limits to your search. Choose among the filters on the left side of the screen.


From this list, you can further refine your search in the following ways:
  • Text available: You can select only records that access the full text of the article
  • Publication Date: You can retrieve only those articles found during a certain time period.
  • Species: You can retrieve only those articles about studies conducted on either human subjects or animal subjects
  • Article types: You can retrieve only those articles that are of a particular type .  Examples include reviews, editorials, letters, clinical trials, etc.  
  • Languages: You can retrieve only those aricles written/published in a specified language
  • Additional Filters: Includes sex and ages


Select a limit by clicking on the limit you'd like to apply. Select "Additional Filters" for choices not automatically offered.