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Introduction to the Library Web Page


The Library Web Site is located at If you routinely use the institutional web site, there is a link to the Library in the top right hand corner of every page of Downstate's web site (excepting pages within PRIME and EMAIL).

The search box in the middle of the page is called Webfeat. It's also the first item available on the bar on the left side of the page. It is designed to search across multiple resources at one time. I don't recommend it for the purposes of this class because it doesn't search PubMed.


Items in the Bar

  • Multimedia: audiovisual resources presenting graphics of many body organs both healthy and diseased
  • InterLibrary Loan: request form for items not owned by the Library (discussed further under a separate heading)
  • Information Resources: databases for seeking information for research projects (discussed further under a separate heading). This is where you will find PubMed and CINAHL
  • EBM Resources: databases and web resources specifically oriented to the practice of Evidence-Based Practice
  • Web Resources: resources arranged around a particular topic. There are lists related to the College of Health-Related Professions
  • Tutorials: online help for Library resources
  • Directory: list of Library departments and personnel
  • Hours: the hours Library service desks are staffed
  • About Us: Information about Library policies and services
  • EndNote: a program that allows you to manage citations and create bibliographies