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Applying Limits


In addition to including multiple terms, you can refine your search by applying limits to your search. Choose among the filters on the left side of the screen.

In addition to the choices shown, you can limit by gender and age. Click on the link "Show additional filters" to select those options.

Not all options are immediately available. To select from additional article types, click on the link "Customize".


From this list, you can further refine your search in the following ways:

To view additional article types, click in the box next to the article types you want to be able to search for and then click the button labeled "Show".

You are NOT searching for that particular article type. You are telling PubMed to list that as an option.

To search for the options you've added (or any other option), click on that link.


Once you have added a limit, PubMed will display it. That limit remains active until you tell PubMed otherwise. Any subsequent searches you do will have those limits applied until you clear them.