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Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library is the place to go for systematic reviews. The reviewers are thorough and exhaustive in their searches, finding both published and unpublished studies. Their analysis is detailed and presents the latest in the current research on a particular topic. The Cochrance Library deals almost exclusively with issues of therapy. They have begun to analyze research related to screening and so far have worked with the major cancers.

To search the Cochrane Library, enter your search terms in the search box and press the blue button labeled "Go."

Results tend to be broad. You may find the specific therapy you're looking at discussed in a systematic review of several different therapies. The therapy you're looking at may be looked at in a broader array of conditions.

The Cochrane Library contains may kinds of items including systematic reviews. Not all items provide the full text of a review. Make sure the item you're interested one is labeled "Review".

When you've decided which systematic review you'd like to look at, click on the title of that review.

Cochrane Library starts by showing you the abstract of the review. Click on the tab labeled "Article" to see the full text of the review.