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Critical Appraisal

Having identified an article that is of interest to you, you need to critically appraise it to determine if if serves your needs. The Tutorials section of the EBM Resources Page provides some resources on how to do so.
  • The SUNY Downstate Evidence-based Medicine Tutorial is an online tutorial created by librarians and clinicians here at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. It contains information on searching for articles, levels of evidence, and appraising articles.
  • The Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit contains succinct worksheets on searching for and appraising articles and computing statistics.
  • JAMAevidence contains a series of articles and other teaching and learning materials related to evidence-based practice. The original series of articles from the journal JAMA that form the basis for evidence-based practice are included.

The Evidence Besed Medicine Toolkit, created by the researchers at the University of Alberta, allows you to access matieral related to four "domains": therapy, diagnosis, prognois, and harm. Each domain involves different concerns regarding searching and appraising articles.

Each domain contains information to help you find and use the best evidence available:
  • Appraisal guide - a series of questions to appraise the validity and usefulness of a study
  • Search strategies - steps on how to search for a study in Medline. While the search strategies are related to the version of Medline provided by OVID, the concepts are applicable to searching PubMed.
  • Worksheet - the questions from the appraisal guide arranged so that you can keep track of your answers in an easier format
  • Calculation - a discussion of the standard statistics you should find in a good article, including information on how to compute the statistics from the data provided