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Mental Measurements Yearbook

The Mental Measurements Yearbook is an annual publication (in print and electronically) that indexes and reviews-- including reliability information-- tests and measures (achievement, behavior assessment, education, intelligence, personality, vocational, neuropsychological, and others). These yearbooks represent a comprehensive collection of test review information covering English- language tests.

You can search the database for a particular instrument by title or author or for instruments on a particular measure by searching by subject.

The results list contains the title and author of any instruments received. Click in the box next to the instrument(s) you want to view and click on the purple button labeled "Complete Reference". If you only want to look at one record, click on the title of that item.

Each record contains the title, author, and publisher of the instrument as well as information on how to administer it and a review of its uses and reliability from experts in the field. It does NOT provide the full text of the instrument itself.