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Importing References from CINAHL



Perform your searchin in CINAHL as usual. For references that you want to add to your collection, click on the link labeled "Add to folder".



As you select your references, the contents of the folder appear in a box on the right side of the screen. Once you've selected the references you are interested in, click on the link labeled "Go to: Folder View" to see the contents of your folder.



Within the folder, you must again select the references you want to export. You can select all references by clicking in the box labeled "Select/deselect all" at the top of the screen. If upon further review, there are references you no longer want, you can select individual references by clicking in the box next to the references. Once you have selected the references, click on the icon labeled "Export" on the right side of the screen.



Select the radio button for where you want to export the references to. In this case, click in the button labeled "Direct Export to EndNote Web". Then click on the grey button labeled "Save".
Note: To use this option, you must allow pop-up boxes. Otherwise, you will need to use the option to export to EndNote and import the references as you would with PubMed.



Using the green arrow or the "Import" option from the "File" pull-down menu, import the file.



  • Find the file that contains your references (It will likely be called delivery.ris).
  • You will need to apply a filter to import the file. To do so, click on the button labeled "Options".


  • Select the filter needed to appropriately tag the references. In this case, choose "Reference Manager" as your filter.