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 Lexis-Nexis (Academic Universe) allows you to search  major national and world newspapers, magazines and journals, and transcripts of national news programs.

You can search for news in the following sub-sections:

  • General News: U.S. & international newspapers, magazines, newsletters & journals
  • Today's News: News articles updated throughout the day
  • U.S. News: Newspaper, wire & transcript articles from a state & selected articles about each state
  • World News: News from U.S. & international sources
  • Wires: Wire service reports
  • Transcripts: Television & radio news broadcasts
  • Arts & Sports: Reviews, entertainment & sports news
  • Campus: Chronicle of Higher Education & student newspapers
  • Foreign Language News: Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian & German

Unlike other databases, Lexis-Nexis does not allow for subject searching.  All searching is performed as keyword searching.  The system will search for the word(s) that you have entered within the context of the article.  When searching by keyword, you must consider contexts other than the one(s) on which you are searching.  For example, if you are searching for information on the disease AIDS, you may also find information on hearing aids. The system allows you to refine your search by entering more terms.  For example, if you are searching for AIDS statistics you can enter "AIDS"  in the first box and then "statistics" in the second box.

Lexis-Nexis allows you to limit your search by publication date through one of two options.  There is  pull-down menu allowing you to limit your search to today, previous week, previous month, previous six months, previous year, previous two years, previous five years, previous ten years, or all available dates.  You can also enter a specific date or range of dates.  Most date formats are supported (e.g. 4/7/99, Apr 7 1999, April 7 1999).

Lexis-Nexis allows you to limit your search to a specific subset of the sources available through the use of pull-down menus.  Each segment has source options appropriate to its topic.


By clicking on the "More Options" tab at the top of the search screen, you can refine your search further.

Lexis-Nexis allows you to search on particular fields: headline, lead paragraph, full text, caption, and author.

You can specify the relationship between multiple terms through Boolean operators and proximity.  The Boolean operators "and", "or", and "and not" allow you to include or exclude terms according to your information needs.  Proximity operators allow you to specify how close your terms must be to each other (e.g. within 5 words, within the same sentence).