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Concise Tips for Using CINAHL Suite

Basic Searching Advanced Tips
When you first enter CINHAL, you will be searching by keyword. To search by subject heading , select “CINHAL Headings” in the blue bar at the top of the screen.


Enter your first term. If CINAHL is able to find a match, you will be offered a series of choices. Click in the box next to the term you wish to search on.


If you wish to add more terms, click on the link “Browse Additional Terms” at the bottom of the page. Then search on your next term and choose the term you want. The system remembers your previous terms. Once you have entered all the terms you need, click on the green button labeled “Search Datbase”.


To apply necessary limits, click on the option for “Advanced Search” above the search box. You may apply as many limits as you like. Then click on the green button labeled “Search”.


To look at the abstract for a specific article, click on the title. Some publishers allow you to link out to the full text of an article by clicking on “Full Text” link at the side of the abstract document.
If you want to apply subheadings, choices will appear after you have selected the term you want to search. Click in as many boxes as appropriate and then click the green button labeled “Search Database”.


If you want to combine searches, click on the option for “Search History” beneath the search box. You may combine as many searches in the history as you like by clicking in the box next to the search. When you have selected the appropriate searches, click on one of the white buttons labeled “Search with AND” or “Search with OR”.


If you want to email your results, select the link labeled “ Add to Folder”. While in “Folder View” you can select results to save, print, or email.


If you find a good article and want to what other similar articles exist, click on the link labeled “Find Similar Results” at the side of the record.