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Infoshare is a database that provides statistical data for the New York City area. You can find demographic, socio-economic, and health-related statistics for a variety of sub-divisions.

Decide whether you want a profile for a particular area, if you want to compare two areas, or if you want to compare data within an area.

Decide which area you want to examine. You can go as broad as the United States or as narrow as a census tract.

Depending on what kind of area you choose to examine, you may have to select the borough that area exists in.
Then select the area you're interested in.

Decide which kind of information you want by clicking in the radio button next to that choice:
  • Demographic - includes data from the national census
  • Socio-economics - includes social and economic data from a variety of state and city agencies
  • Health - includes health-related data compiled by city and state departments of health

Then select the specific data point you are interested in.

The results of your search will be presented in tabular form.