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Searching for References


You can search some databases directly from within EndNote. Of the databases you've studied so far, you can search directly in PubMed and Web of Knowledge. Select the option "Online Search" to search for references.



Select the database you want to search from the pull-dowm menu. Because the same people who made EndNote also made Web of Knowledge, you can access that. PubMed is a free database so that is available. Any of the university catalogs are also available (although those will mostly find books).


Commercial databases, although listed, are unavailable from within My EndNote Web because of technical configurations created by the developer of the application.


Once you've selected a database, click on the white button labeled "Connect".



Select the field you want to search from the pull-down menu. In this format, select "Keyword" to search by MeSH term. Enter the term(s) you want to search for and click on the white button labeld "Search".



Once you've gotten your results, you can access the records by clicking on the title. You can select which items to add to your library by clicking in the checkboxes next to those items. From the pull-dowm menu, select which group to add the references to. If you have not created groups previously or are working on a new project, select "New Group". Always be sure to give the group a meaningful name. "Health Literacy" is more useful as a title than "PubMed Sarch".