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Importing References from PubMed


Perform your PubMed search as usual. To select references to add to your library, click in the boxes next to those items.



From the "Send To" pull-down menu, click in the radio button next to "File". In order to properly import documents you must also use the pull-down menu labeled "Format" to select "MEDLINE".



To import references, select the option "Import References" from the tab labeled "Collect".



Click on the button labeled "Browse" to find the file that contains the references you want to import. Find the file on your computer and select it to import the refernces.



Use the pull-down menu to choose the filter needed to appropriately tag the references. In this case, choose "PubMed" as your filter.



Use the pull-down menu to select the group to place the references into. If you have not previously created a group or you're working on a new project, select "New group". Be sure to give your group a meaningful name.