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Cite While You Write


Of course, you will also want to insert references into your paper. The Cite While Your Write Plug-In combines with Microsoft Word to allow you to insert references directly from EndNote into Word. Click on the tab labeled "Format" and then the option labeled "Cite While You Write Plug-In" to access this tool.



Select the download option for your type of computer.
Note:If you are using a computer on-campus, you will not be able to download and install software.
Once you've downloaded the installer, click on the icon to start the installation wizard and follow the directions.



Once you've properly installed the plug-in, there will be a toolbar available the next time you open Microsoft Word. It may also happen, that there will be an option for "EndNote Web" under the "Tools" menu in Microsoft Word. This toolbar will allow you to connect to EndNote Web, find citations, and insert them into your paper properlly formatted.