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The Library of the Future

Over the last few years, in Library parlance, the “Library as a Place”, 24/7 access, Virtual Library, and The Library of the Future have been discussed and envisioned by The Medical Research Library of Brooklyn faculty and staff.  The outcome calls for a reengineering of staff and space that reflects the needs of Downstate.  We have enhanced our Evidence Based Medicine Institute; established Expert Searching; joined SUNY’s Iliad Project for document delivery; upgraded our Educational Technology services; increased our e-journal titles, e-book titles, and databases; and re-positioned staff to accomplish these initiatives.

Space reengineering, at this time, has two major components.  The first is the 24/7 Library Information Commons.  A joint project supported by Dr. Joanne Bradley and Dr. Ian Taylor, a committee appointed by the Dean consisting of students, faculty and administration have begun working with an architectural design firm in creating the space.  Funds have been allocated for this project.  A second space reengineering involves the creation of an Advanced Learning Resource Center that will continue to provide current learning resource services but add Simulations to those services.  A committee appointed by Dean Taylor, chaired by Dr. Stephan Rinnert, consisting of students, representatives from the colleges, hospital, information services, and library has begun planning this center for simulation teaching and research in support of the curriculum and training.  Phase I and a consulting stage, funded by the Student Technology Fee Committee, has been completed thus laying the groundwork for project planning.

The Library has been most fortunate to have the support of Downstate’s senior administrators in this reengineering effort, and looks forward to our future role in providing our institutions information and educational technology services.