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Importing a Bibliography

1) You need to create a tab-delimited file. Save the file containing your references as a plain text file (e.g. references.txt).
2) At the top of the page type "Journal*Article" (the asterisk is important). You can do this for other reference types as well. A list of those can be found in the section where you enter new citations by hand (Click on the option to "Collect" and then the option for "New References".)
3) The next line contains the order of the fields, separated by tabs (press the "tab" key on your keyboard). E.g. Author (tab) Year (tab) Title (tab) Journal (tab), etc. A list of the fields is available from the section where you enter new citations by hand.
4) Insert tabs into each of your citations. E.g. Smith and Weston (tab) 2008 (tab) How the West Was One (tab), etc. If you have formatted your citations according to a specific style (e.g. MLA), you will need to remove any extraneous punctuation (e.g. parentheses or colons). Your file should look something like this.
5) Import the file, using the filter "tab-delimited".