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ECT Workshops for Spring 2013

Workshops run Tuesdays or Thursdays, 1 – 2:30 PM and/or 2:30 – 4 PM in the Medical Informatics Lab (HSEB E834/835). These are hands-on activities and space is limited.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Reserve your place by sending an email to ecthelp@downstate.edu with the date(s) and title(s) of the workshops you wish to attend. Workshops are cancelled if no enrollments are received; check the Calendar in the Prime Faculty Users Group for up-to-date information.

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System Subject Description Date Time
PRIME Exams: Creating, Analyzing & Grading Create computerized exams in Prime using a variety of question types. Use Item Analysis to regrade, and ensure that grades ‘flow’ to the Gradebook. Thurs, 2/14/13 1–2:30pm
PRIME Security: Controlling, Releasing and Tracking Access Ensure that exams and other items are only accessible to the right people at the right time. Use Reports in Prime to track who has accessed materials. Thurs, 2/14/13 2:30–4pm
ADOBE CONNECT Hosting Live Web Meetings Learn how to use our Adobe Connect web meeting server to share documents, watch/give live presentations live, stream audio/video and even share your desktop. Tues, 2/26/13 1–2:30pm
ADOBE CONNECT Recording & Publishing Presentations Use Adobe Presenter and Connect to easily record, edit and publish narrated PowerPoint to the Web for access by students. Make up missed lectures or provide self-study modules on harder topics Tues, 2/26/13 2:30–4pm
SPECIAL TECH Lecture Response using iClickers Use audience response devices – iClickers – to poll your students, collecting and/or displaying responses. Pretest/posttest, increase lecture value/attendance, record attendance & more! Thurs, 3/14/13 1–2:30pm
SPECIAL TECH Gadgets and Apps: A Sampling Educational gadgets and apps for iPad will be highlighted and demonstrated. Thurs, 3/14/13 2:30–4pm
PRIME Gradebook Standard: Basic Usage Review the process of entering grades into the Gradebook, including uploading and downloading to/from Excel, batch fill-in and automatically getting grades from DropBoxes and Assessments. Manage the main settings for display format and release to students. Tues, 3/26/13 1–2:30pm
PRIME Gradebook Extreme: Special Effects Use Prime to weight and average scores for groups of items, drop lowest or highest grades and create a final overall course grade, including letter grading. Tues, 3/26/13 2:30–4pm
PRIME Automation: Automatic Release and Notification Use Prime to automatically release materials to students, or to send notifications based on activity. Thurs, 4/11/13 1–2:30pm
PRIME Fun! Games, Tokens and Customization Use Quiz Show and Crossword for interactive learning in Prime. Customize the look and feel of your course to enhance the online experience. Thurs, 4/11/13 2:30–4pm