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Internet Data Sources Links

The following Web sites contain information on health, population, housing, employment, and other topics. Once you arrive at the opening page to each site, follow the links that relate to state and county data. Use the Back button on your Internet browser to return to this page or use the Bookmark feature and mark this page. 

Health and Social Issues

National Center for Health Statistics ( 
An easy-to-browse link list called "Surveys and Data Collection Systems" appears on the opening page.  Links lead to information such as descriptions of recent health surveys and data collections on vital statistics.  Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Green Book: Official Directory of the City of New York(")

New York City Department of Health ( 

New York State Department of Health ( 

United Hospital Fund ( 

New York City Department of City Planning (

New York State Data Center (

New York City Government (  

New York State ( 

Brooklyn Health Reports (

Statistics & Demographics

Infoshare (SUNY Downstate Licensed resource. User name and password required)

State Health Facts Online(

Community Action Partnerships
This tool provides basic data on counties and state through an online data retrieval system.

Bureau of Labor Statistics ( 
For occupational data, check the "Surveys & Programs" link; for a quick overview of statewide employment vs. unemployment figures, check the "Regional Information" link.  Provides FTP links for downloading raw data on Local Area Unemployment Statistics and Geographical Profiles.  Updated by the Department of Labor. 

U.S. Census Burea General Reference Publications (

FedStats  ( 
A listing for approximately 70 federal agencies (eg: National Center for Health Statistics) links to information on statistics, data collection, etc.   Regional Statistics are provided, but are arranged by topic (eg: Crime, Education, etc.), not by geographical divisions (state/county/city/census tract).  Maintained by the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy. 

U. S. Census Bureau ( 
Start with the button "Get State Profile!" (select a state); a state map displays; click on the county to find census-related  information specific to that location.  Updates are included; for eg, under New York State's profile, you can obtain 1997 Population estimates and yearly County Business Patterns Economic Profiles.  Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

White House Briefing Rooms ( 
Latest federal statistics may be accessed through three links from the opening page: Economics Statistics Briefing Rooms; Social Statistics Briefing Rooms; and FedStats (described above).  Some data overlaps with the Census Bureau and other government agency reports, but this site might be easier to use.  Worth visiting to view the charts which accompany topics. 

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