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Understanding Community Boundaries

Understanding the Geographical Divisions.
Brooklyn is one of five NYC boroughs; it lies within the borders of Kings County. It covers a large tract of land on the western end of Long Island, where crossing into Manhattan must be done by bridge or tunnel.  Brooklyn is known for its diverse collection of neighborhoods, many of which were originally settled by immigrants entering the United States through NYC's harbors. 

Understanding the Political Divisions.
In New York City, the City Council is the legislative branch of the City government made up of the Mayor and representatives elected into office for four-year terms.  Community Districts are political divisions governed by Community Boards.  The Board members are advisers appointed by the Borough President.   Community Councils are neighborhood groups formed according to Police Precinct jurisdictions. 

To learn more: 
Browse Brooklyn Online where you will find a simple map of Brooklyn with some (not all) neighborhoods labelled. 
Browse NYCLink, the official Web site of the New York City Department of Planning. 

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