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Agencies and Services

United Way of New York City( 
Maintains the CARES(tm) database which currently contains descriptions of 2200 agencies and 9000 programs related to social and health services in the greater New York area.   From the CARES search page, you may limit your search by Zip Code, Borough, Program (eg: Domestic Violence), Target Group (eg: Elderley), and Language. 

Yellow Pages(
Online Yellow Pages are often associated with online Map programs.  The Yellow Pages include hard-to-find information about local businesses, doctor's offices, specialized clinics, and more in the same way that the Yellow Pages in your phone directory lists these enterprises.  You can locate a place by topic, by address, or by zip code. 

Alta Vista ( and Yahoo! ( contain a Yellow Pages link on their Home pages (very near the Maps link).  If you use MapBlast! to create your neighborhood map, scroll down underneath its map box and you will find an entry form that lets you do a Yellow Pages search.  Some map programs contain a Yellow Pages link in the margin beside the map. 

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