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Collection Development

How do we select resources?

The library’s collection manager selects resources based on the following guidelines

Users of the library are encouraged to make suggestions based on their needs. These suggestions are evaluated by the collection manager and acquired if there is funding available. Journals are renewed / added on a calendar year basis and decisions for cutting or adding subscriptions are made in August. Books (monographs) or databases may be requested any time.

Click here to make a suggestion for a resource

Decisions to retain material are based on usage statistics, curriculum or research requirements, ILL statistics, and storage space.

In keeping with trends of current information practices, the library has moved a significant part of its journals as well as books into electronic format. Hard on the heels of this is the movement of books into electronic format. The electronic format, as do the print, still supports the mission of the library. However, this is greatly enhanced by the availability of the resources 24/7 both on and off campus.

The library currently subscribes to 6023 electronic journals and 701 electronic books which support curriculum, clinical needs and curriculum requirements.

The library also subscribes to a number of databases.