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Lost and Found Property

There is currently no lost and found located in the library.

Items such as keys, diskettes and prescription glasses will be held at the Access Services desk for a short period of time. Items of value of $20.00 or more such as wallets, credit cards, jewelry, prescription medication, etc., that are turned over to Library staff are immediately turned over to Public Safety, x2626.

The responding Public Safety Officer will record the following information:

  • How property was obtained i.e. Date, time, name of finder, location found.
  • A complete description of property: make, model, serial number, if any.
  • A "Receipt of Property" form is filled in which specifically lists all items inventoried; the form is signed by the officer and finder. The finder will receive a receipt for property turned in.
In addition to other administrative responsibilities, Public Safety will attempt to notify the owner that his/her property has been recovered.