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Food and Beverages in the Library

The collection of the Medical Research Library of Brooklyn covers more than 200 years of science, medicine and related disciplines. We closely monitor the Library's environment to preserve the materials, and we ask users to help us by not bringing into the Library food and beverages which can damage materials and attract vermin such as roaches, mice and ants.

Please plan a food break outside the Library as part of your routine of study. Food may not be eaten anywhere in the Library.

No food delivery, take-out, cafeteria food on trays, or meal preparation is permitted in the Library.

Staff routinely patrol the Library and may direct users to leave if they observe food being consumed.

Beverages in Library-approved, spill-proof containers are permitted throughout the Library and the Learning Resource Services area.

Cans, soda and juice bottles or paper cups with plastic tops may not be brought into the Library.