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Computer Software and Videodisc Courseware 
in the Learning Resource Center

Note: All software can be requested at the LRC Desk.

Software Description
ACLS Review
(CD-ROM, PC version) 

   Single user 

Key users: All those requiring ACLS skills

Instructional CD-ROM with sound, video offers pronunciations and onlinereference books plus case studies and testing
A.D.A.M. Interactive
(CD-ROM, Mac version) 

            Single User

Key users:     General referencefor health sciences audience

Interactive atlas which features:tools for selecting, isolating, labeling anatomical structures; and optionsfor changing gender, view, depth of layers
A.D.A.M. Essentials

          (CD-ROM, Mac Version)

            2  Single - user copies

Key users:      CHRPstudents

Limited version of the A.D.A.M.Interactive (described above)
An Interactive Approach to Radiological Anatomyand Positioning

            (Laser videodisc) 

          Single user

Key usersDiagnostic Imaging Students;    Radiology Students

150 positions depicted by thousandsof images w/ text annotating techniques & critiques
Clinical Anatomy Lesson

          (CD-ROM, Mac Version)

Key users:     1styr. Medical Students;
 CHRP Students

Human gross anatomy via test, quizzes,still images and animations
Clinical Medicine

          (CD-ROM, Mac Version)

            Single user 

Key users:      PAStudents

Text, still images and animationsof clinical conditions
The Essentials of General Surgery 

       (DOS version) 


Key users3rd yr. Medical Students

Programmedpatient management simulations.
Fundamentals of Embryology (Mac Baby)

     (Windows version) 

      Installed in Carrel 60 

Key users1st yr. Medical Students

A tutorial with illustrations andanimations depicting embryonic development
Human Anatomy

      (CD-ROM; Mac version) 

       2 Single Usercopies

Key users:   1st year medical students

Dissection instruction and review.
Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy

     (CD-ROM; Mac version) 

       2 Single Usercopies

Key users:   1st year medical students;PA students

Images arranged according to anatomicalregion; mostly X-rays , some MRI and ultrasound
Laboratory Medicine Case Set 

     Keyboard Textstacks

Key users:   4thyr. Medical Students;
PA Students

Programmed patient management simulations
Medical Terminology: The Language of Health Care
     (PC version) 

     1 user license 
key users:   General reference for health sciences audience 

Interactive, self-paced multimedia CD-ROM on medical language. Teaches applied terminology, demonstrating how it is used in the clinicalsetting.
Microscopic Anatomy

    (CD-ROM, Mac version) 

    Single user

Key Users:   HistologyStudents

Histology review and quiz
Miller’s Anesthesia Plus Gen RX

    (CD-ROM, PC version) 

     5 User license

Key users:    4th yr. Medical Students; PA students;Residents

Online version of reference textby the same name.
Mosby's Electronic Library: The ACLS Omnibus Resource 

    (PC version) 

     1-user license 

Key users: Any person studying for ACLS 

An intense review of the ACLS procedures and study guide.  Includesvideo with sound showing ACLS procedures
Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia for Health Professionals

   (PC version) 

   1-user license 

Key users:   General reference for health sciences audience

A multimedia CD-ROM that offers a Medical Dictionary, Lab values, assessmentguides, drug interactions, Health organizations, and DRGs as well as afull-color atlas of medical illustrations
Pathology TextStacks w/ QuizBank & VideoIndex 

       (Mac version) 

      20 User License

Key users :
2nd yr. MedicalStudents

Robbins textbook online with accompanyingself tests
Preparation for NCLEX-RN

     (PC version) 

     Site License

Key users:    Nursing studentsand practitioners studying for the Boards

Board-like multiple choice questionsfor self-study.
Principles of  Epidemiology

    (PC version) 

     Multiple users 

Key users:     Health sciences personnel interestedin epidemiological studies and interpretation of results

Tutorial program that teaches varioustypes of epidemiological studies and interpretation of results; includesstudy design 
Radiologic Anatomy 

     (Mac version) 

     Site License

Macintosh formatted files for the labeled imagesand accompanying study text may be legally copied to your own disks.

Key users : Diagnostic Imaging students; Radiology Students

Multimediaprogram w/ interactive videodisc depicting  human anatomy via radiographs,MRIs, CTs with cross-references to gross anatomy.
Slice of Life VI 

      5  copies

Key users   General reference for health sciences students

Laser videodisc w/34,500+ imageson medicine, nursing, dentistry & allied health
Surface Anatomy 

      (Mac version) 

      Unlimited Users 

Key users1st yr. Medical Students

Interactive surface anatomy atlasand tutorial
Videodisc Encyclopedia of Medical Imageswith Slide show

    Single user 

Key users:    Presentation Developers

Laser videodisc w/12,000+ imagesof disease signs and symptoms.