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Printing is available in the Library and Learning Resource Center. The print jobs from all computers in the Library and LRC are sent to assigned laser printers. Paper and toner are replenished by Library staff. A manual feed option on the printers in the LRC accepts laser-weight single sheets only (Please Note: this option is not available on the Library Printer on the first floor).

Library staff are committed to supporting End-user searching and document processing activities which are directly related to curricular assignments, school programs, or HSCB-endorsed student writing or graphics projects. Neither staffing nor equipment configuration has been arranged to meet the needs of customized or personalized printing.

There is a fee for all printing in the Library and the LRC. The service uses a Debit card that costs $1.00 and may be purchased at one of the machines available on the first floor of the Library. The cost per page for printing is $0.10. Instructions are available at all workstations and by each Print station.