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Borrowing Privileges

Holders of current SUNY-Downstate ID cards:

Stop at the Access Services Desk to register for borrowing privileges during regular Circulation Desk hours. You will be asked to fill out a library registration form and your SUNY-Downstate ID card will be scanned into our computers. A profile will be entered into our computers for you based on the information provided on the registration form.

Individuals who are not holders of current SUNY-Downstate ID cards:

You may apply for a library subscription at a cost of $300 per year, or any part of a calendar year. Inquire at the Access Services Desk, M-F, 9 -5.

Holders of current SUNY-Downstate ID cards seeking access to other libraries:

Alternate access to other libraries is arranged by specific request and by appointment. Contact the Head of Access Services, M-F, 9-5, X7404.

Please note that not all SUNY ID cards enable library privileges. Please contact the Head of Access Services or the Assistant Director of Resource Management during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm) should any questions arise.