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The Intentional Mutilation or Abuse of Library Materials

1. The Library is charged with insuring access to information for its patrons, both retrospectively and into the future. The collection of the Medical Research Library of Brooklyn covers more than 200 years of science, medicine and related disciplines. We closely monitor the Library's environment to preserve the materials, and we ask users to help us preserve
the collection as well.

2. When materials are intentionally, mutilated or abused, to that extent, the information contained therein is no longer, either in whole or in part, in the collection.

3. In order to preserve the Library's materials, the following policy is in effect:

Individual/s caught mutilating or abusing Library materials are subject to a fine plus a processing fee, based on the current replacement costs, if identifiable, but at a minimum fine of no less than $150 plus $50 for each item that can be replaced.

Further, at the discretion of the University, the offending individual/s will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.